Aug 25 2008

5 Success Tips You Never Learn in School

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A blog I read on a regular basis, Small Business Trends, posted an article that really hit home with me called “5 Success Tips You Never Learn in School.” A quick, worthwhile read for anyone that runs or is planning to run their own business.

An example:

2. Build Incrementally
There are different schools of thought about growth. Some are of the “go big or go home” approach. Been there, done that.

The approach that I feel most comfortable with is one of developing products and services gradually, making incremental enhancements.

Start small, spend as little as you can, and build on early successes. Quickly dump the stuff that doesn’t work out.

If you take this approach, your risks of going down the wrong path and spending lots of development time and money on offerings that fail, will be minimal.

It’s also a way to gather market research along the way. You learn what customers want and you’re early enough you can build that feedback into your offering.

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