Feb 24 2010

Useful Links 2.24.10

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A good mix of productivity, outreach, and social media management links…

What Sort of Checklist Should You Be Using?

How To Create the Perfect Facebook Fan Page

Marketing to Mommy Bloggers: When Bad Outreach Goes Good

HOW TO: Deal With Negative Feedback in Social Media

Can One Bad Tweet Taint Your Brand Forever?

Branding 101: How to Write a Positioning Statement

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  1. Patricia Wayneon 31 Jan 2011 at 4:26 pm

    Hey! Thought you might find some of these useful/interesting.

    Dan Kimpel on living in a music capital: http://blog.mi.edu/post/The-Commitment-Key-Making-Your-Move.aspx

    ITunes 99 Cents Model: http://blog.mi.edu/post/Apple-iTunes-ite28099s-the-99-cents-model-fatally-flawed.aspx

    10 Tips for Independent Artists to Take Advantage of the Internet: http://blog.mi.edu/post/The-Internet-for-Independent-Artists-10-ways-to-use-the-Internet-to-market-your-music.aspx

    Love the blog. Ours is beginning to develop, would love your feedback.


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