Feb 25 2010

A Smart Musician’s Playbook for 2.25.2010

Some of the most powerful resources you have in the music industry have nothing to do with music.

I read plenty of music biz news sites and blogs, and it helps keep me aware of what’s on most of my colleague’s minds. But if it’s in those blogs, people are already talking about it and you can’t do it first.

What I care about is figuring out what’s next. Finding more efficiency. Creating something that hasn’t been done before. Taking an old concept and applying it a new way.

The best wisdom often comes from sources far from obvious. Find the tools you need, combine them with the wisdom you can find, and create something bigger than you thought.

Read Seth’s Blog to get perspective.

Use Evernote to boost productivity.

Fire up Chat Roulette for creative purposes instead of just showing people your junk.

RSVP for every single SXSW party, but don’t get there before me and take my spot.

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2 Responses to “A Smart Musician’s Playbook for 2.25.2010”

  1. whateverittakeson 18 Sep 2010 at 10:59 pm

    Hey dude,

    Cool content on your site. I write a music biz blog myself about me trying to find a job in the business. I share a lot of my own opinions and philosphies, and I would love some feedback, via comments on the site.


  2. Grayson Braswellon 20 Oct 2010 at 3:35 pm

    Touche! To be a key player in the industry, you must either be the first to own the concept or the second with a better business model and service. Both of these objectives are very difficult to accomplish, and like you posted in your blog, sometimes the last place you would think to look for creative inspiration, is the place that sparks the best of ideas!

    It’s ALWAYS wise to keep up with the news and trends so that you that you know what is important to people and what interests them, but you’re not usually going to find your “Chicken Soup” for the creative soul in doing so.

    You’ve shared some great tips on how to stimulate creative thinking for business developers, and so I want to drop a tip for the music artists in your readership, which is to check out uPlaya.com. uPlaya’s patented technologies can be used to enhance creativity in the production process for music artists by analyzing and giving them feedback on their songs. It’s great for experimenting and overcoming roadblocks!

    Great blog! I always enjoy reading through your insightful posts and tips. Keep up the good work!

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