Oct 18 2010

10 Truths About the Modern Music Business

Yes, I haven’t posted here in ages. That’s one part due to a job (or three) that are insanely demanding. But it’s also in part due to all the other places I write for. Including this one – PBS Mediashift, where I just posted 10 Truths About the Modern Music Business.

Full article at that link, but here’s the start…

I’ve been covering the digital music business for MediaShift for more than 18 months, and in that time I’ve chronicled new services and examined key trends and news. Below is a look at 10 things that I’ve come to believe are true about the modern music business.

1. The “DIY Revolution” has Been Relatively Ineffective

Although going it on your own was all the rage in 2009, reality has shown that the majority of artists still need a team around them to reach any substantial level of awareness, sales, and revenue. However, this team doesn’t necessarily need to resemble the traditional record label department structure. For many artists, surrounding themselves with a few tech-savvy friends and some seed money can generate the momentum necessary to fuel a moderate indie career. To reach far and wide enough to live off of one’s art, the task list is simply too long to tackle alone. In reality, DIY can work just fine if you modernize the traditional definition of the term.

2. Tech Can Replace/Enhance Some Functions

Technology has removed many barriers and allowed almost anyone to play the game. It has also removed the need for some of the team members that have always been needed. Recording, mixing and mastering music can be done faster and cheaper than ever before. Distributing the output digitally is near instant and inexpensive. Anyone can create digital tools that collect email addresses, stream music, sell tickets, and engage with fans. Just remember that with technology, “build it and they will come” is pure fantasy.

Read the rest here…

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2 Responses to “10 Truths About the Modern Music Business”

  1. Brittney Derhoon 02 Aug 2011 at 11:44 am

    I completely agree, especially with the “DIY Revolution”. I think it’s almost nearly impossible to do it completely on your own, without the support of friends and such to help promoting. Yet, it’s definitely become a lot easier with the Internet.

    This was a great post, with a lot of great insight!
    Thanks for posting.

  2. Jimon 28 Jan 2012 at 4:12 pm

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