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Jan 20 2010

Celine Dion, You Win Again!

I’m not a Celine Dion fan.

As a devoted punk/metal/hardcore/decent music fan, what she does simply falls at the exact opposite end of the spectrum of what I look for in music. To say it’s “not my thing” is putting it lightly (and diplomatically). To say that I wrote an essay in college detailing her evil ways would not be a lie.

Having said that, I must give major props to the reigning queen of music revenue. In the past decade, Ms. Dion is the top grossing artist, generating an astounding $747.9 million! Dion pulled in $522.2 million in concert-ticket sales and $225.7 million in album sales in the ten years spanning 2000 – 2009. YIKES.

Read more about this travesty (and see the next 9 highest revenue generating performers) at this link.

P.S. – to my friends/clients at Celine Dion’s label Sony – uhhh… Celine Dion rules!!

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Jan 13 2010

NARIP Presentation Tonight!

I think it’s technically sold out, but come on down, we’ll find a seat for you!

How To Create A Grand Slam Music Marketing Plan

Get a music marketing plan started in one session. Boost the effectiveness of the plan you already have. A great marketing plan doesn’t have to be complicated. A good one can be just one page long. Spreadsheets, graphs and numbers are not necessary.

But you NEED a plan. Lack of a good plan destroys more careers than lack of talent. Good marketing is simply getting your work to the largest number of people at the lowest possible cost.

Three music marketing experts give you the facts you need to take your artist to the top in this special NARIP session.

Pre-register for NARIP’s event and submit your artist’s marketing plan. Our experts will select one plan and provide an in-depth review of it at our program.

One NARIP member will be selected from our session to win one (1) free hour consultation with one of our guest speakers.


Jason Feinberg, President & Founder, On Target Media Group (from Los Angeles)
Steffen Franz, Founder, Independent Distribution Collective
Bryn Boughton, Chief Marketing Officer, IRIS Distribution & BlinkerActive
Tamra Engle, Senior Director, NARIP San Francisco (moderator)


* Most important parts of music marketing strategy
* An easy way to begin your marketing campaign
* Your complete digital toolbox: what you need… and what you don’t
* Branding made simple… and effective
* How to use social networks, blog, MySpace & YouTube
* 5 ways to boost your presence on the Internet
* How to get press features
* Sites seeking content – excellent marketing opportunities for you
* How to build a brand and get more fans


Wednesday, January 13, 2010
6:00 p.m. – Registration and networking
7:00 p.m. – Program begins
8:15 p.m. – Break
9:30 p.m. – Program ends


Artist Managers, Producers & Artist Reps
Record & Music Publishing Executives
Concert Promoters, Agents, Tour Managers
Anyone seeking to create or enhance a music marketing plan or campaign.


SAE Institute of Technology
450 Bryant St.
San Francisco, CA 94107-1303

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Jan 05 2010

Online Music Marketing With Topspin

There’s less than one week left to register for the Berkleemusic online course Online Music Marketing With Topspin.

In Online Music Marketing with Topspin, you’ll develop the online (and offline) marketing expertise necessary to properly execute your campaign using Topspin’s platform. We’ll discuss best practices with social media, branding considerations, niche marketing, building and supporting your fan base, your online sales strategy and creating successful offers, effective communication strategies, optimizing your online presence, alternative revenue options, connecting with new media outlets, integrating physical marketing into your overall campaign, how to use data and analytics to guide your campaign, and many more cutting-edge marketing strategies.

OTMG’s founder Jason Feinberg is one of the instructors, and will be sharing strategies and lessons learned from over a year working with the Topspin platform. Jason (and the rest of the OTMG team) are certified Topspin campaign administrators. More information about OTMG’s Topspin campaign services can be found on the Topspin Services page.

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Nov 24 2009

What I Am Reading Today

A big mix of interesting articles today…

First Impressions More Important Than Ever

25 Blogs to Stay Current in Social Media

7 Ways to Tour Without Getting in the Van (what would Rollins think about that?!?)

Warner Posts Continuing Losses

Creativity in Music Marketing 1

Creativity in Music Marketing 2

The End of Music

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Nov 20 2009

Music / Social Analytics

Been spending a tremendous amount of time evaluating statistics and analytics packages lately. My clients need deeper data than placement counts or estimates of impressions. I have been using / looking into:

We also run many campaigns with and they have an excellent backend analytics system. Their platform also integrates with Google Analytics quite well.

Any others I’ve missed? Any favorites out there?

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Oct 13 2009

New PBS Mediashift Post on Future of Record Labels

My newest post is up at the PBS Mediashift blog.

Over the past month, I received a significant amount of feedback on my recent MediaShift article, What Will Record Labels Look Like in the Future?. People from all areas of the music industry reached out and shared their feelings on future business models, and strategies for moving forward.

Regardless of their background, practically every person I spoke with agreed on a core set of truths about the future of record labels (and the industry as a whole). The consensus is that…

Read more…

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Aug 19 2009

The Future of Record Labels

Please hop on over to the PBS Mediashift Blog and read my new post, “What Will Record Labels Look Like in the Future?”

A choice excerpt:

This addresses the core problem. Labels’ traditional revenue streams are drying up and no business can flourish without sustainable income. A remapping of revenue sources is inevitable and has already been put into practice by many labels via so-called “360 deals.” Pulling from tour revenues seems to be a logical progression, especially since the new paradigm for many labels is that records exist to promote the tour, rather than the opposite which was true for decades.

To this point, Scott Perry adds, “The bank is broken, and until investing in an artist’s career is proven to be a profitable endeavor, it will be difficult for any artist to find a benefactor to fund the labor necessary to push an artist beyond their sphere of friends and into a larger network.”


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Aug 04 2009

Some of what I’ve been reading lately…

some new some old, all interesting,767183

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Jun 25 2009

Direct To Fan Post at PBS Mediashift

My newest post is now live on the PBS Mediashift Blog. It discusses the future of Direct-To-Fan marketing, citing examples as well as some companies that enabling it.

I am a firm believer in the D2F space, and my company is working with many artists and labels to leverage the power of the channel. As I have discussed before, OTMG is also a certified Topspin marketing partner, of which we are very excited and proud.

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Jun 10 2009

DIY Spreadsheet for Artists

Check out this insanely useful tool:

It is a doc whose “purpose is to keep track of all your actionable DIY activities: the “business” items you need to keep up in order to build a self-sustaining career.”

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